Awkward bathroom sizes and hideous pipes won’t get in the way of me having a beautiful bathtub!

If a bathtub is what you want, a bathtub is what you shall get. Specialising in mini bathtubsgives us the advantage of ensuring that our customers get a customisable bathtub that doesnt require any hacking or reno and doubles up to cover unsightly water pipes.

HDB Bathtub - Customisable to cover unsightly pipesAt SaniQUO, we could just have tubs that fit the bill. Some folks just want a small enough tub to soak taut, stressed muscles  after a hard day at work. Others want a long, body-cradling tub to relax amongst lit candles and feel the fragrance-infused water calm their nerves and in preparation for a good night of sleep. Some want a tub for practical reasons like aiding in muscle recovery or water therapy while others want the convenience of a tub for easier bathing or grooming of their pets. 

We have just the tubs for you.

Do you have one of these to contend with in your bathroom?

  • Older bathroom with awkward layouts
  • Water pipes taking up the vocal point of your bathroom
  • small, cramped bathing area
  • thinking your HDB bathroom is just not big enough
  • needing to replace your existing tub with a new one

We also have just the tubs for you! Simply click on our link to check out the right kind of bathtub for you and yours!

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