How do I go about Mixing and Matching on the Visualiser?

Let this simple guide show you how to use the ‘Mix and Match’ function easily and quickly.

 #1. Start by selecting the size of the fixtures best suited for your bathroom.

The basic bundle consists of a basin, basin cabinet and handle. For smaller, compact bathrooms, you may consider the 60 series which is better suited for closely spaced areas. For bathrooms that have the luxury of space, the 80 series allows for larger fixtures and fittings.  

Here is where you can get started with the visualiser for:

Nature 60 Series
Nature 80 Series


HEBE 60 Series
HEBE 80 Series

#2. Jazz up the rest of the space with optional fixtures such as mirror cabinets, side cabinets or a side stand for the basin. 

Keeping in mind Singapore’s humid weather but not compromising on modernity, HERA’s basin cabinets are made from durable and bathroom-friendly PVC. Match the basin cabinet with a black or white tempered glass basin or, for a more in-trend European look, go for a ceramic basin instead. Additionally, match your choices with a mirror cabinet for a place to store toiletries or add on storage with a side cabinet.  



#3. Decided on the final look you desire? Click on ‘shop your bundle’ and once diverted to the selection page for the bundle, start with the final selection process. 

The bundle consists of a basin cabinet and basin. A handle is part of the Nature series bundle. Additional items are optional. Optional items are indicated as you proceed through the selection process.  

For the HEBE series, you will select the items in the order of:  

Basin cabinets - basin - mirrors - side cabinets - side stand - basin mixer (bonus!)

For the Nature series, you will select the items in the order of:  

Basin cabinets - handles - basin - mirrors - side cabinets - side stand - basin mixer (bonus!)  


#4. Finished selecting your choices? Either click on ‘view bundle contents’ to see what you have picked or ‘add bundle to cart’ to proceed to check out.  


#5. Either add a note or simply hit the ‘check out’ button to place your order and make payment! 

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