I’ve got a bathtub, yay! Now how do I maintain it?

This blog post touches on basic bathtub maintenance, general dos and dontsas well as some tips to keep the centrepiece of your bathroom looking as good as new.

Just like our bodies need to be washed to maintain good personal hygiene, quality bathtubs should also be treated the same - with regular soap and water. Nothing fancy. In keeping with how daily showers are necessary, a simple rinse of the tub after your shower retains the cleanliness of the tub and keeps grime from developing.

 basic bathtub maintenance

With tubs that are portable or movable like those at SaniQUO, there is the added benefit of being able to clean not only the interior of the bathtub but also the areas surrounding and under the tub. How you might ask? By simply shifting the tub from side to side vertically or horizontally and rinsing it down with water after your shower - just like you would rinse off lather from soap off your body. 

With this step, mould like mildew wouldnt get a chance to breed and grime and stains arent able to settle long enough to become dreaded stubborn stains. Those unsightly marks may require specific products to get them out. Even so, a common rule is that bathtubs neither require strong scrubbing nor even stronger chemicals. 

Hard or coarse equipment like abrasive sponges might abrade the protective surface and leave scratches - which would be just as unsightly as stains while strong or corrosive cleaning products might eat into the plastic composite of the tubs interior and cause discolouration. Another tip to increase the longevity of the tub would be to place in away from direct sunlight.

As SaniQUOs bathtub structure is built such that the plastic composite sits on a steel basin that wraps around the tub like a cocoon, it effectively prevents warping and maintains the sturdiness and integrity of the structure without being heavy and cumbersome. In most cases, because not much of a gap is needed to wash down the external parts of the tub, the fit provided enables for easy cleaning and maintenance of the tub. 

Not many bathtubs in small spaces allow for easy cleaning of internal and external surfaces but with the added protection of anti-fungal silicone around the perimeter, youll be keeping your bathtub and the surrounding areas mould-free and clean. Prevention is better than cure so keeping your bathroom spotless saves you the hassle of needing to have it cleaned professionally later on!

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