SaniQUO - Who We Are And What We Specialise In

Having been in the industry since 2010, SaniQUO has bowled over customers not only with our affordable, trendy and durable product range but also because of our knowledgeable and dedicated staff. We are more than happy to provide wallet-friendly and fashion-forward suggestions to suit your preferences regardless of whether you are a brand new house owner or a seasoned house-hopper.

If you have been looking around for a bathtub, you would have come across the term “HDB Bathtub”. At SaniQUO, HDB bathtubs are our speciality. We offer customisable bathroom solutions that cater to most bathroom sizes; our smallest size available requires only about 80cm of space. Additionally, no hacking or renovation works are needed. It is the first ever ‘plug and play’ bathtub collection with pre-fitted water outlet system. In other words, no plumbing is required! It’s that convenient and fuss-free.

Hesitant about committing to the purchase of a bathtub off the rack? SaniQUO has got you covered. We genuinely pride ourselves on walking customers through the entire process to ensure the bathtub you select is perfect for you and your family. Since we also offer customisations on almost all our bathtubs (round tubs excluded), we will be able to alter the dimensions of the tub to fit into nooks and crannies even in odd-shaped bathrooms. This also allows for unsightly pipes to be covered up cleverly.

Another interesting feature available on our website is the ‘Mix and Match’ function. This aspect allows customers to ‘try out’ and match furnishings like basins and side cabinets before finally deciding on what looks best and then making their purchase. By choosing between the Hebe and Nature series, customers can see for themselves if they would prefer the ‘Hebe’ bathroom furnishings that are sleek, modern and Scandinavian-inspired or the ‘Nature’ series which injects warmth and cosiness through subtle wood elements.

At SaniQUO, we carry an assortment of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture that is sure to catch the eye of discerning buyers. With new products constantly being added to our inventory and new ideas being generated and brought to life, check back soon to see what else SaniQUO will be offering in the near future.  

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