The low-down on getting a bathtub installed in your bathroom.

Take the guesswork out of how a new bathtub is designed, created and fitted into your space by checking out this post that is specially catered to showing and explaining the various processes that go into creating an ideal bathtub for each customer.

At SaniQUO, bathtubs are our speciality. We also specialise in making the entire process - from selection to installation - as fuss-free as possible because we know how precious time is. 

The phrase HDB Bathtubwas coined to negate the misconception that bathrooms in HDB flats were too small for bathtubs. At SaniQUO, we have exemplified the potential of having bathtubs in really small places via our flexible sizing options for tubs and critical on-site measurements.

Take a look at our video to get a better idea of what the process of having a Hera bathtub would look like.



Hera bathtubs have the unique ability to fit into tight corners and awkward nooks because it can be customised to the customerspreference. It also serves a dual purpose of covering up unsightly pipes that have been left exposed - all without any additional plumbing, hacking or renovation works. Additionally, with the bathtubs skirting covering any protrusions, maintenance will be minimal!

Cradled in solid steel reinforcements, each bathtub is specially made upon ordering to avoid problems that can be caused by irregular wall surfaces like pillars or ledges as well as other issues such as inadequate piping or faucet misalignments that may have been overlooked in the initial plan. As seen in the video, because the cuttings for Hera tubs are done on the spot, exact measurements can be taken just before installation so as to ensure that the fit would be exact.

It is the first ever ‘plug and play’ bathroom collection with pre-fitted water outlet system. In other words, no plumbing is required! If that’s not enough to bowl you over, our portable bathtubs can be manoeuvred by just ONE person! Even cleaning around nooks and crannies becomes a breeze. One more perk that comes when you buy from SaniQUO - no added costs for delivery and 0% instalment. So check out our website now and start dreaming of all the long, relaxing baths that could replace hurried showers!

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