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‘Hassle-free installation’ and ‘bathtub’ have never been synonymous, much less associated with one another. However, with HERA’s latest line of bathtubs, we seek to break that mould. HERA bathtubs are available from 800mm which means they can fit into smaller bathrooms and most HDB bathrooms!

HERA Water Resistent Cabinet

HEBE 60 – Onyx

pre-installed water oulet

HERA bathtubs all come with pre-installed water outlet fittings and does not require plumbing

HERA mini-series bathtubs are comparably much lighter than others and comes with a pre-installed water outlet system which makes it portable even if you ever plan to move elsewhere with it. The hard acrylic body has been proven and tested to withstand heavy load and weather duress and most importantly, without any need for masonry or plumbing!

A common problem faced by most homeowners, especially for HDB housing is that their bathrooms are too small to accommodate the typical bathtub. This is why HERA’s mini-tubs are ideal for any household, due to the small size, lower price and ease of maintenance.

For those bathrooms with ledges and irregular walls or for homeowners who simply preferred to have the bathtub built-in for any reason, HERA’s built-in series of bathtub made it easy to allow customisation of the edges to fill-up the gap to the walls so that masonry works are no-longer necessary. This is a design breakthrough which allows hassle free installation experience and simplifies future maintenance!

HERA bathtubs also come with various stylish shapes and sizes that makes it very simple to match with most bathroom layouts, adding a touch of luxury. HERA’s most unique design features a water droplet shape, which is very stylish and eye-pleasing. Other notable designs include circular and squarish shapes which are well-suited for couple bath.

For those who enjoy soaking at home with essential oils but are not able to do so because of space limitation, HERA bathtubs are a convenient solution for better quality of living.


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