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We are Saniquo, the sole distributor of HERA Bathroom collections in Singapore.

Established in 2010, we have come a long way in ensuring that we provide the finest service made possible with our passion and strength which gives you the convenience and expertise to meet all your bathroom needs under one roof.

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Incorporated since 2010, SaniQUO has come a long way to provide the best of service made possible with our pleasure to share our passion and strength.

SaniQUO is the sole distributor of HERA Bathroom collections in Singapore.

HERA’s collection of Bathroom Furniture are designed in Europe but adapted to Asia’s climate and bathroom sizes using waterproof material, allowing constant contact with water.

Our Unique Mini bathtubs series is a “Dream come true” for small bathroom owners who dreams of having a tub. Provide convenience and expertise to help you meet your needs, preferences and budget all under one roof.

Global presence in Europe and Asia, providing our clients with end-to-end supply chain solutions in sanitary ware to enable them to achieve their development strategies. Expanded our operations with regional offices in Singapore, China and Myanmar. Our International clients include the biggest players within the construction and building industries in Asia and Europe.

Meet The Team


Chief of Bao Ka Liao

Eeling is the leader and main brains behind the products and business development. She is also a full time mum, juggling well between work and family. She enjoys meditation and shopping sessions - activities that help to keep her hectic life in check.


General Manager

Patricia has a passion for the sanitary ware industry since the ’70s. She intends to put her journey from the past 44 years faithfully into her journal, in hopes of getting it published. She believes that everyone is "Never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

Human Resource & Finance


Jasmine handles the full set of accounts. She derives satisfaction from her work and is highly devoted to her job. She is an outgoing person who loves backpacking around the world and enjoys hanging out with friends.


Yi Ping

Being a curious individual, Yi Ping is fascinated with learning. He sees an ever-evolving marketing role as an intriguing challenge. He enjoys watching TV and animes, and ponders about life over a cup of Chinese tea.


Elvin handles the technical aspect of marketing such as analytics and SEO, as well as managing e-commerce websites. After work, he enjoys lifting weights at the gym, singing, gaming and collecting unique keyboard sets.


Eunice finds satisfaction in expressing her creativity through social media posting, designing and videography. In her own time, she works out, plays the guitar and dances to TikTok videos.

Business Development


Wayne is a proactive and caring individual. He does site visits at customers' houses and provide professional advices. He is a foodie explorer and also enjoys watching and analysing basketball games in his free time.

Wei Sun

Wei Sun is a hardworking and responsible individual. She looks forward to serving customers and providing them with the best service she can offer. She enjoys travelling as well as the companionship from her friends.



Spencer is a persevering logistics strong man. He ensures smooth product deliveries and product installations . He enjoys playing mahjong, working out and spending quality time with his daughter.


Dannon is a warm and helpful team player. He assists in checking the stocks for deliveries and help with product installations. He is a responsible father-figure to his young daughter and he listens to sermons occasionally.


Alan keep track of stocks diligently. He also helps in organising the warehouse and packing products for deliveries. He is trained with civil defence knowledge and enjoys hanging out with friends in his free time.

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