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We are Saniquo, the sole distributor of HERA Bathroom collections in Singapore.

Established in 2010, we have come a long way in ensuring that we provide the finest service made possible with our passion and strength which gives you the convenience and expertise to meet all your bathroom needs under one roof.

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Incorporated since 2010 SANIQUO has come a long way to provide the best of service to you made possible with our pleasure to share our passion and strength.

SaniQUO is the sole distributor of HERA Bathroom collections in Singapore.

  • HERA’s collection of Bathroom Furniture are designed in Europe but adapted to Asia’s climate and bathroom sizes using waterproof material, allowing constant contact with water.
  • Our Unique Mini bathtubs series is a “Dream come true” for small bathroom owners who dreams of having a tub.
  • Provide convenience and expertise to help you meet your needs, preferences and budget all under one roof.
  • Global presence in Europe and Asia, providing our clients with end-to-end supply chain solutions in sanitary ware to enable them to achieve their development strategies.
  • Expanded our operations with regional offices in Singapore, China and Myanmar. Our International clients include the biggest players within the construction and building industries in Asia and Europe.

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