HERA Bathtubs
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are HERA bathtubs suitable for HDB?
  • HERA bathtubs are specially made for HDB in terms of weight and size. The weight of HERA biggest bathtub is between 30kg to 50kg. When occupied with a user and loaded with water, the weight may reach up to 250kg, which is well within the loading weight limit allowed in HDB.
  • Is this HDB approved?
  • HERA bathtubs are portable and freestanding without the need for wall hacking nor renovation. In this aspect, approval from HDB is not required. The plug-and-play bathtub concept is akin to buying a massage chair and placing it in your living room.
  • How much does it cost for a 2-room, 3-room, 4-room or 5-room BTO?
  • Each bathroom is different in terms of size and layout. There is no standard bathtub price for each layout as it is dependent on the shape and the size of the bathtub chosen. There are a total of 18 HERA bathtub models, with multiple sizes per model to suit your bathroom. 86 in total! Based on past records, majority of HDB bathrooms can accommodate a HERA bathtub.
  • Any photos for reference?
  • Please take a look at the photo album for real life examples of customers who have installed HERA bathtubs in their house.
  • How would I know which bathtub model and size is suitable for my house?
  • HERA Bathroom provides FREE onsite measurement for customers. By allowing the technician to access your bathroom, the relevant and fitting bathtub model and size will be proposed for your consideration. This is a value-add service to ensure a peace of mind for customers in their purchase. The service does not entail an obligation to purchase.

    Should you prefer to measure the bathroom by yourself, you may refer to this short video for the 3 simple steps. https://youtu.be/yPPnmg00LFg

  • Showroom and Consultation
  • Is there a showroom to visit?
  • HERA Bathroom concept store is situated at
    362 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #02-07 Da Jin Factory Building, Singapore 534963,
    opened from weekday: 10.30am to 7pm, weekend: 10am to 7pm daily. Closed on Public Holidays.
    Feel free to visit the showroom and experience it yourself.
  • How long will consultation and site measurement take?
  • Site measurement and consultation will typically take about 30 to 45 mins at your place.
  • How to book a FREE consultation with the technician?
  • Simply send a message to HERA Bathroom business whatsapp at +65 98350650
  • I just want a consultation, I may not buy immediately. Would that be fine?
  • Not to worry, HERA Bathroom is pleased to assist. The technician will provide his professional advice based on your bathroom condition. You need not feel uncomfortable should you decide not to make a purchase.
  • I just want a quote, can I send in my floor plan?
  • Yes, an estimated quotation will be provided. Send over your floor plan at HERA Bathroom business whatsapp at +65 98350650
  • I am preparing for my renovation. How much should I set aside for the bathtub?
  • A good budget range will fall between $1,245 and $1,800. Add $500 for customization (if required).
  • Are prices inclusive of installation?
  • Installation charges are from $80 to $150 depending on the difficulties on site. An assessment will be done before arriving at a quote.
  • My house is under renovation and will not be ready within 2 months, can I reserve a bathtub?
  • Yes, you may reserve a bathtub with a deposit equivalent to 30% of the purchase price. The balance payment can be done when your house is ready.
  • After my purchase, when would be the installation?
  • If current stocks are available, the bathtub can be installed within 3 to 5 days upon ordering. If there is no current stock, it may take 4 to 6 weeks for the bathtub to arrive at your doorstep.

  • Installation
  • How long will installation take?
  • Installation will typically take between 30 mins to 1 hour. Special customization done onsite may take an additional hour at the maximum.
  • If it is just plug-and-play, why is there an installation fee?
  • The bathtubs need balancing adjustment work to be done on site as the floor is usually not levelled. Some drilling work is also required to connect the flexible hose from the bathtub water outlet to the floor trap.
  • I have an aircon pipe in my bathroom, can I install a HERA bathtub?
  • Yes definitely. The technician will be able to do minor adjustments to make sure the pipe passes through.
  • I have a shower door in my bathroom, can I install a HERA Bathtub?
  • Yes, the bathtub can be installed in your bathroom despite having an existing shower door. Have a look at the video to see how it can be done https://fb.watch/1mfxwyIK8X/
  • My bathroom is really small, are you sure it can fit?
  • It cannot be guaranteed that HERA bathtub can be fitted into every single bathroom. Nevertheless, there were only very few bathrooms that did not manage to fit in one, perhaps not more than 2%. If in doubt, feel free to arrange for an on-site measurement.
  • What if I still cannot find anything suitable out of your standard stock?
  • The technician will provide you with a free consultation and advices on a possible bathtub customisation.

  • Maintenance
  • How do you clean the spaces between the walls and the bathtub?
  • HERA bathtubs are portable. They are like a piece of furniture in the bathroom and can be moved around with ease. This allows proper cleaning of the spaces at the sides, corners and underneath.
  • Is it difficult to move a HERA bathtub?
  • Each HERA bathtub weighs between 30kg to 50kg with adjustable height. It can be moved around easily in the bathroom to facilitate cleaning, yet sturdy enough to hold up the weight of water and user.
  • I am moving to a new house soon. Can I bring the bathtub along?
  • The plug-and-play bathtubs allow customers to shift them easily to their next house.

  • Product Warranty
  • Any warranty for the bathtub?
  • HERA provides 1 year warranty for their bathtubs against manufacturing faults. Call 6747 2370 for any product issues.

  • Purchase
  • Where can I make the purchase?
  • You can make your purchase via:

  • a. Distributor Website: www.saniquo.com.sg

  • b. Distributor Shopee Shop: https://shopee.sg/saniquo

  • c. Distributor Lazada Shop: https://www.lazada.sg/shop/saniquo

  • d. Shop Front: 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #02-07 Da Jin Factory Building, Singapore 534963

  • e. All Authorized Dealers (Please see list: https://www.herabano.com/Distribution-Networks)

  • f. With the sales consultant at your place
  • Which are the acceptable modes of payment?
  • - Credit card: All major credit cards, VISA, Amex, Mastercard

  • - Grabpay, Paynow, Cash issues.
  • Can I pay by Instalments?
  • You can pay by 12-month or 6-month instalments, via Shopee and Lazada shops using DBS, UOB or OCBC credit card with 0% interest. If you do not have a local bank credit card, you may contact the salesperson to find out about a 3-month instalment plan.
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