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Unlike in western countries where bathrooms are very spacious, water resistance becomes a concern when frequent water contact is inevitable for your bathroom cabinet. However, with the floor area in Singapore’s housing being limited, maximising storage spaces has become important for homeowners and having bathroom cabinets offer the extra space to keep the clutter at bay.

Custom-made cabinets tend to go for high prices and do not feature suitable materials for smaller bathrooms with frequent contact with water.  Wood can corrode, rot or even mould and is much less reliable than real stainless steel, which is costly.  Most conventional ready-made choices claim to be made of stainless steel but are actually foam boards wrapped in decorative stainless-steel laminates.

The solution provided by HERA, a European collection of affordable luxurious bathroom products, promises water resistant and high durability with the use of PVC.  Far from the plastic boxes people use as make shift storage one would imagine at the mention of plastics, HERA’s PVC panels are 18mm thick, structured for high durability; making this a superb choice for Singapore’s bathrooms.

The cabinet comes with a deep drawer design which is relatively more user-friendly allowing users to one glance see all and access items conveniently without having to squat, while avoiding the problem of inaccessible areas, notorious among most door cabinets. Quality finishes with no sharp edges and a soft-closing mechanism to prevent hard slamming of the doors is also featured as the cherry on top of the icing.

Heavily inspired by the widely popular European cabinet style for slick minimalism, the series also features the latest and most popular colours in Europe. This makes the cabinet an easy addition to any bathroom design. Most importantly; adhering to HERA brand’s motto: “creating affordably luxurious bathrooms”, the cabinet is well-designed for durability and practical functionality while maintaining a level of quality you can trust, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck.

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